AFRO SPORT Promotion started working in the early eighties based on various experience of Walter Abmayr in the sector of sport and sport development in several foreign countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Gambia).

The first competition tour with African Athletes from Ghana and Nigeria was well back in 1975 to Golden Spike Ostrava, Bratislava Int. Meeting and some small German meetings. Following this in 1976 Nigerian & Ghanaian athletes came over to train in Heidelberg / Germany.

After returning from an assignment in Kenya 1985 Walter and Sylvia Abmayr started working with young athletes and promoted them all over Europe. Kipkemboi Kimeli, a real potential athlete, discovered in Kenya at the age of 15 years during a training camp in Nyahururu 1984, was one of the first. He won the first gold medal for Kenya at the World Cross Country Junior Championship at Lisboa 1985.

He came over from Kenya at middle of 1985 to start his base in Germany. In the process he further improved, developed and became the bronze medalist in 10.000 m at 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul. AFRO SPORT Promotion then was already established in 1986.

Since the beginning our main guidelines are to promote, develop and assist young athletes in Track & Field Athletics. Further we try to give athletes help and provide them opportunities for their individual career.

For a long time one of the major focus of AFRO SPORT Promotion had been to help in a general infrastructural development of sports in Africa and Asia. In connection with different consultations, German Sport Development Programs and various IAAF / IOC activities quite a number of Courses and Seminars were held in Africa and Asia.