consultancy AAT

A long lasting and deep friendship with Athletes, Coaches and Officials from Athletic Association of Thailand (AAT) started already in 1973 during an international Coaching Course at Kuala-Lumpur (MAL), financed and organized by the German Foreign Office and the German Athletic Federation(DLV).

Since this time, till today, Walter Abmayr has been closely working with the AAT and its Coaches and Athletes, specially by various Coaching Courses, Team accompany to Championships and consultations.


Thailand Athletics receive a great recognition by all Thailand Authorities. Athletics, due to its success in Asia is a major sport in Thailand.






planing of training

Training of school children and youth athletes is a major focus of the Athletic Association of Thailand and it's Coaches under Head Coach Supanat Ariyamonkol



coach education

In connection with the Athletics Association of Thailand (AAT) quite a number of Coach Education Courses and Seminars (by IOC, IAAF, German Olympic Committee)were organized for many years. Going well back till 1976.



"further, higher and faster through


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